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Services connected with electronic devices - We have more to offer!

The core business of Karré Elektronik is the mounting and assembly of electronic devices. One of our strengths is that we, on request, can at any time undertake all other tasks in the complete production process with responsibility.

Our services catalogue includes:

Development »
with our vision for cost-efficient production
Materials procurement »
guaranteed quality and reasonable conditions
Mounting/Assembly »
precise skilled work with performance reserves for tight schedules
Documentation »
optimization or complete compilation of documents
Repair service
recreation of functionality and performance
Packaging and logistics
everything ready for sale

Please choose from our services catalogue the module you need right now .... and enjoy the secure feeling of being able to request further services if needed at any future time.

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Modular components means:
Selectively and cost-effectively access the services you currenty need ... and have access to the extensive portfolio of an experienced full-service-provider. Optimized costs and reliability for every occasion.

Welcome to Karré.